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AYM studio microphones are the mics of choice for recording vocals and acoustic string instruments with good frequency response.

Choosing Studio Recording Microphones

Studio recording microphones are arguably the most important component of any home or professional studio setup. If you require microphones for producing podcasts, online videos, or a full live band musical project, you need to choose the best studio recording microphones for your application. Studios primarily use condenser style mics, as they excel in picking up the subtleties in vocals and instruments during the recording process.

What’s a Studio Recording Microphone?

A vocal recording microphone is an audio device that converts sound into an electrical signal, which is then amplified and processed during a live performance or recording session. The two main types of microphones used in studios are condenser and dynamic. With dynamic recording microphones, you get rugged devices that can withstand higher sound levels without distortion, making them perfect for recording loud guitar amplifiers and drums. Condenser microphones are the mics of choice for recording vocals and acoustic string instruments, as they feature a better frequency response (range of sound they can reproduce) and transient response (ability to reproduce fast sound).

Types of Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones generally break down into two main types: large diaphragm microphones and small diaphragm microphones. The diaphragm is the component that vibrates within the microphone, ultimately creating an audio signal. You can further categorize condensers by their pole pattern or pickup pattern, which refers to the space around the microphone that’s the most sensitive to sound.